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Arts, Events & Waterfront Views: A Couples Getaway In Windsor

Original blog by Roxana Rangel

A couples getaway can be a great opportunity for you and your partner to bond through fresh experiences. With busy schedules, not everyone has the time to pack their bags and take a faraway weekend trip. This article will have you consider making your next couples getaway a staycation right here in Windsor, Ontario! Be sure to check out My Travelling Backpack’s blog or @mytravellingbackpack for more Windsor-Essex adventures!

What to do

Take a flight on a Bird Scooter

On a hot summer day, this is the perfect way to explore the downtown core. It’s fun, easy, and you get a refreshing breeze on the Bird scooter flight!

To get flying all you have to do is download the app on each participating smartphone, buy a day pass or pay by the minute and unlock the scooter closest to you by scanning the QR code.

Take a stroll by the riverfront, visit the Windsor Sculpture Park, cruise down Maiden Lane to admire the amazing street art from local artists or just zoom around town and explore local shops and restaurants!

Go ‘Against The Current’

Spend some quality time discovering art history  downtown or with Art Windsor Essex’s latest outdoor art walk called ‘Against The Current’.

This is a ‘choose your own adventure’ self guided experience. Your adventure starts inside Art Windsor Essex on the 3rd floor where you can download the map that will help you find the hidden art pieces scattered across Downtown Windsor. By scanning each art piece’s QR code, you can unlock fun mini-games, information, and surprises!

Finish off the adventure by returning back inside Art Windsor Essex to compare some of the pieces you found to their originals. Also don’t forget to call the number painted on the mural!

Explore different areas in the city!

In Windsor, there are about nine business areas that you can take a stroll in hand in hand with your significant other and explore because there is always  something going on (Downtown Windsor, Walkerville, Ford City, Uptown Ottawa St, Sandwich Towne, Via Italia, Old Riverside, Pillette Village, Wyandotte Town Center)!

We visited Walkerville and stumbled upon Busk On The Block – a street art performance festival! We watched two performances. Limited Edition Andy, who did all sorts of acrobatics, juggling, and tricks on the Cyr wheel! We also watched Magic Brian, who showed us some magic tricks and broke out of a straight jacket in record time! It’s exciting and inspiring to see a great turn out, witness the community supporting artists, and enjoying what the city has to offer.

To stay in the know, check out the Event Calendar for the latest & greatest events going on in #YQG

Riverfront Cruising

Windsor Premier Cruises (78 Riverside Dr W, Windsor, ON N9A 0A3) offers a two hour Sightseeing Cruise that allows you to view the Windsor Detroit skyline and riverfront through a different perspective. The cruise has a bar onboard,  an indoor seating area to protect you from the sun if you need some shade and it also has a shaded roof deck to get scenic pictures and selfies!

The cruise takes you along the Detroit River and gives you information and history about the Windsor and Detroit riverfront! From the cruise you’ll be able to get some epic views of the GM Building, a full view of the big Canadian flag and an awesome view of the Ambassador Bridge!

Be sure to check out their website and get your tickets for the different types of cruises they offer like a Sunset, Salsa, and a Party cruise throughout the summer!

PRO-TIP: If you tend to get seasick, wait until RIGHT before they leave to hop on board! You will miss the initial choppy waves while folks board. Once the cruise departs you barely feel a thing!

Enjoy a country patio

Bull and Barrel Urban Saloon (670 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 1B9, Canada) is a country restaurant located in Downtown Windsor and it’s a vibe!

The patio is decorated with string lights, comfortable furniture, an outdoor bar and a street view of the downtown cityscape. If you or your partner loves country music or if you want to try something new, grab a drink and head  here for a fun evening! They’ve got a great assortment of outdoor games to play, fireplace tables, and even heated posts for those chilly summer nights! If you want to add an extra element of competition, time each other on the Mechanical Bull inside of Bull and Barrel! Whoever loses has to pay for the whole weekend!

Where to eat?

Mamo Burger Bar (1515 Ottawa St, Windsor, ON N8X 2G3)

This award winning burger bar is going to steal your hearts!

They’ve mastered classic burger recipes (like the ‘Mhopper’ pictured) and perfected some innovative burgers that you probably haven’t heard of before. If you and your significant other are feeling adventurous try their ‘Peanut Butter Jelly Time’! Imagine all of the delicious comfort of a timeless PB&J but enhanced with a beef patty, perfectly crispy bacon, creamy peanut butter, sriracha strawberry jelly, pickles, and jalapeños! The ‘Peanut Butter Jelly Time’ is the nostalgia burger you didn’t know you needed!

Fionn MacCool’s (430 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 1B2)

This restaurant is a great location to start exploring Downtown Windsor because it’s right on Ouellette Street!

If you’re staying at the Four Points Sheraton it’s attached to the hotel so you don’t have to go too far! You can head there to try their classic breakfast or new vegan lunch options or head there for Dinner and wrap up an adventurous day!

Eastwood’s Grill and Lounge (63 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, ON N9A 2S4)

Eastwoods is located right on Riverside Drive and has an amazing view of the Windsor-Detroit riverfront!

At this local restaurant you’ll have the friendliest service! Whether you sit on the patio or indoors, it’s the perfect restaurant to grab lunch, dinner, a quick appetizer, or even a refreshing drink during your couples weekend! When you’re there ask if they have their Beef Ribs – if they do order it – it’s divine! You won’t regret it! As their food is made fresh, they run out of their crowd favorites quickly, so order it if you can!

Where to stay?

Four Points by Sheraton Windsor Downtown (430 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 1B2)

This recently renovated hotel is located in the downtown core of Windsor and is an ideal spot for a couple’s getaway in the city!

You can easily get around to any points of interest downtown Windsor from the hotel either by walking, biking, or by Bird Scooter! They also have all the amenities you might need for a weekend: a pool, a restaurant, the comfiest bed, and as I already mentioned, it’s conveniently well situated from anywhere you might want to explore.

Check out their availability for your next getaway!

By: Roxana Rangel from My Travelling Backpack



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