WIFF Alley

WIFF Alley is an “entertainment corridor” connecting the venues for Windsor International Film Festival aka WIFF, that celebrates the festival’s 15th anniversary and is an effort to promote the arts, especially film.

One of the murals, called Rose City, depicts rose petals blowing off an outstretched palm and transforming into fully formed flowers. The other larger piece is movie-themed with a popcorn maker, story-telling phrases such as “once upon a time,” and iconic characters including Princess Leia and Charlie Chaplin, among other items.

WIFF had three artists — Denial, Derkz and Kristina Bradt — paint the space. The festival is also hanging permanent lights and signs there to complete the look of the alley.

See the alley for yourself along University Avenue West, between 144 and 176 University in front of Phog Lounge.

Address: 144-176 University Ave W, Windsor, ON

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