Where To Eat In Windsor

Laura Marinigh, Twirl the Globe | October 3rd, 2018


On my recent summer weekend away to Windsor, Ontario, Canada, if there was one thing I learned about this city that borders Detroit, Michigan, it’s that it has a vibrant and delicious food scene.

I basically non-stop ate while I was in Windsor and I still didn’t even scratch the surface of all the yummy places I could try out. Here are just some of the places I’d recommend to try out if you’re in the area.

Arcata Pizzeria

Windsor is famous for their pizza, this is something I just recently learned. What makes their pizza so good is the fresh local mozzarella cheese, the shaved pepperoni, and the canned mushrooms (not fresh). There are tons of pizzeria’s in Windsor, even one that has won international recognition (Armando’s), however I was told by multiple people that Arcata Pizza is the best of the best and after trying it, it definitely lives up to its hype.

Taloola Cafe

This cafe is a cute place for a fresh coffee or tea, or a little bite to eat or sweet treat. Taloola Cafe is super cute with a boho decor and boasts a menu of sandwiches, salads, organic treats and more. I tried the pecan tart alongside my ginger lemonade! They’re also part of the Coffee Culture program.

Sandwich Brewing Co.

Much more known for their beer than their food, however you can get a mean charcuterie board here to munch on. This brewery is relatively new to the beer scene in Windsor and it’s set in a historical building with a lot of character located in the historical Sandwich district. The beer is fantastic and rotating. When I was there I tried a raspberry blend and also a blood orange beer! Both were fantastic… and I’m not even much of a beer person! They’re also part of the Barrels Bottles & Brews trail.


I’m actually devastated I didn’t get to try this place after being told about it from one of my tour guides. Bubi’s is known as “the house of garlic and pleasure” and if you’re a garlic fan like me it’s apparently the place to go. It’s been around since 1984 and was featured on the Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here.


This Lebanese restaurant is not only huge and modern, but the food is authentic and delicious. Mazaar is known for their Middle Eastern cuisine serving amazing hummus and pita, grilled kabobs and all the mediterranean classics. They even have a unique twist to the traditional poutine (photographed above)!

Grand Cantina

A new Mexican joint that has popped up in Ford City, Grand Cantina has adorable Instagram-worthy decor, combined with your favourite Mexican street foods. Try their vegan chorizo taco, or the O.D.B. taco, and don’t you dare skip one of their famous margaritas because they are so good!

A Dog’s Breakfast

This cute and bright breakfast and lunch spot is not just adorable but they serve amazing breakfast. Try their french toast lasagna or lavender pancakes. If your visiting for lunch, A Dog’s Breakfast serves typical diner food specializing in burgers and hot dogs!

Mamo Burger Bar

Mamo Burger was recently named in the Top 10 Burgers In The World and unfortunately I didn’t get to try it so I’ll let you be the judge.  Mamo focuses on those massive, Instagram worthy burgers and are worth checking out!

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