Stakeholder Package creation

Use the form below to build out your accommodation package and entice visitors to our destination with one-of-a-kind offerings. All approved applications will get featured on the Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island website and advertised in upcoming marketing campaigns.

This opportunity is COMPLIMENTARY.

ย Packaging Tips:

  • Be creative in the title of your package to grab attention
  • Photos included should be in the season of the package and are best with people in them
  • The booking link you provide should go directly to your package landing page, not your home page

Please note every package must include a start and end date. Once the package has expired you can resubmit to be featured again. There is no limit to the number of packages that each property can be submitted, but each package MUST include a discount or perceived value add-on.

If you are a stakeholder partner that wants to be featured in as a DEAL, please click here to submit your package details that do not include an accommodation partner.

Accommodation Package Submission Details





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Take a walk through downtown Windsor and explore our Museum Without Walls! ๐ŸŽจ Head to our website (link in bio) and navigate to the arts & culture section to learn more. #YQG #WindsorEssex #DiscoverOn #DiscoverCanada #DiscoverYQG #OntSouthwest

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