Friday November 8, 2019

Our Amazing Time at the Harvest Dinner

Original blog by Danielle and Chris

Original blog by Chris & Danielle of Urban Surf Co. | November 8, 2019

Editor’s Note: The 3rd Annual Harvest Dinner will take place Sunday, September 17th at 5pm. Experience includes a not-to-be-missed farm-to-table epic roast featuring three delicious cuts of meat, rustic vegetables, seasonal side dishes, whisky tastings, and live entertainment. Tickets on sale at

We were stoked when we had the opportunity to go to a dinning experience hosted by Thyme Kitchen/Thyme ToGo at the Willistead Manor. The official event description is a “Farm-To-Table Epic Roast featuring three delicious cuts of meat, rustic vegetables, seasonal side dishes, whisky tastings from Wolfhead Distillery, live music and a performance from “The Spirits of Windsor Tour”.


Anytime you walk into the Willistead Manor you’re instantly overwhelmed by it’s amazing history. As we were welcomed to the event and escorted to our table, we felt transported to the time of rum running and couldn’t help but imagine all the conversations, ideas, and deals that went down inside these wall. What an amazing venue at the Willistead Manor!


Once we got to our table we had had the chance to chat it up with our fellow dinners, then it was time to start the whisky tasting. Wolfhead Distillery had 3 whiskeys (premium whisky, coffee whisky, and apple caramel whisky), then 3 vodkas (premium vodka, banana caramel vodka, and grapefruit vodka). All the whiskys and vodkas were amazing, but the crowed favourite was the apple caramel whisky.


After the tasting we were back at our table feeling warm and fuzzy from our whiskey tasting. When you’re at a table of 20+, there are bound to be some interesting characters after some shots of whiskey…we shared lots of laughs! What happened next, was my favourite part of the night. We had a performance by the Rum Runners Tour. The stories were told through the eyes of a french rum runner who gave us the low down on rum running in the area, the key players, the fortunes made, and a little bit of gossip. It was a great show and set a great mood for the rest of the night. We will definitely be going on one of their other tours this year.


Some whisky, a story to set the mood, the smell of delicious food, and the sound of live acoustic music got us curious. We couldn’t help but leave our table to explore. We always love to explore when we go somewhere and what better place to explore then the Willistead Manor. As we walked the halls, we stopped to appreciate and talk about the original photo’s, art, decor, and history that when down in this house. It was nice to be reminded of our cities history and really get to feel it. We could have spent the entire night checking out all the details, but were stopped in our tracks when we stumbled across the epic meal we were about to enjoy. The buffet of food was 100% on point to the fall harvest theme and the attention to detail and creativity was out of this world.


The Food was incredible. We knew it would be great, but it blew away our expectations. It was the best meal we have had in a long time. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will just leave you with these pictures…


The harvest dinner was a great experience and unforgettable night on the town. Thyme Kitchen did amazing job fusing together what makes Walkerville unique; amazing food, amazing whiskey, and stories of our rum running history. If you every have the chance to go to an event hosted by Thyme Kitchen and Thyme To-Go, I highly recommend.



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