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Never Enough Noodles!

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The world is filled with a vast tapestry of flavours. Every country has their own unique cuisine, filled with incredible flavours, emblematic of their culture and region. One staple of cuisine that is found across the world is noodles. While at first glance this delicious food seems very simple, it has a large significance within cultures around the world and can be prepared and served in a multitude of ways. Keep reading to learn about the delicious ways our Follow The Flavours partners are serving up their signature noodle dishes. Then register for the Follow the Flavours pass and taste them for yourself!


Chinese noodles are made in several different forms. Whether they are long, thin, and wheat-based, or wide rice-based noodles, each form of noodle has its own unique utility within Chinese cuisine. While longer strands can frequently be found within salads and soups, wider rice noodles are used in rolls. At Jade Chinese Cuisine, rice noodle rolls are filled with BBQ Pork, Beef, or Shrimp, which creates a dish with a savoury flavour and smooth texture.


Pasta varies from other forms of noodles based on its ingredients and preparation. It is often made with wheat, and in some instances eggs. While it shares some similarities with Chinese, sometimes being made in long and wide shapes for dishes like lasagna, it differs most notably in how it is cooked, which is frequently al dente. These traits within Italian noodle dishes can be found at Spago, through flavourful dishes like their Fettuccine Alfredo and Spaghetti Carbonaro.


Indian cuisine often utilizes Vermicelli, which are long and very thin noodles. Indian noodles are frequently accompanied by vegetables and spices, in contrast with Italian pasta which often pair with sauces. At India Paradise, Street Style Noodles are served, which utilize an array of mixed vegetables and spices to compliment the flavourful noodles.

Hakka Chinese:

Hakka Chinese cuisine features similar noodles to those of Italian pasta, utilizing wheat and flour. The main difference in these two forms of noodles, however, is their preparation. Hakka Chinese noodles are stir-fried over high heat. This practice creates a hard textured exterior, while maintaining the noodles’ chewy and soft interior. These wonderful noodles can be enjoyed at Hakka Khazana with their vegetable and other incredible noodle dishes.


Shanghai noodles have similar traits to Hakka Chinese. While they are both wheat based, Shanghai noodles utilize eggs, which provides them with a more yellow colour and a richer flavour. Noodles from Shanghai are also often thicker and seasoned with dark soy-based sauces, which provides them with a strong texture as well as a rich savory and sweet flavour. Authentic Shanghai noodles can be found at Shanghai Bistro in dishes like their Stir-Fried Udon Noodle.

Noodles are a beloved culinary art around the world. While different dishes can share similarities, they are a food that can be prepared in countless forms, each of which is rich with a unique texture and flavour.

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