Flo Hardwoods

FLO Hardwoods is a Canadian company operating out of Essex County Ontario that was founded by Steve Pomerleau in May of 2013. The focus of FLO Hardwoods is salvage, reclamation and sustainably sourced or ‘end of life’ raw materials from urban and rural areas. Often a byproduct of development or natural forces the materials we salvage were destined for firewood or landfills. Trees provide 82% of the worlds oxygen and have provided humanity with an abundant resource that has helped us evolve to where we are today. For this reason it is their mission to give these pieces a second life. A ‘resurrection of nature’ if you will, where FLO artistically pays respect to the natural beauty of the ever diminishing trees of our natural world.

Hours: By appointment

Address: 44 Sinasac Street W, Harrow, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 819-0478


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