Windsor Essex Wins at the EDCO Awards

Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island and the Windsor Essex region was recognized in a big way last night at the President’s Dinner at the Economic Developers Council of Ontario’s (EDCO) 62nd Annual Conference and Showcase in Toronto.

  • Winner, Collaboration and Partnership Awards – Local Collaboration and Partnership for EPIC 1867 – 150 Years of Winemaking in Windsor Essex, ON
  • Winner, Digital Influencer of the Year – Yvonne Pilon, WEtech Alliance

m Windsor Essex Pelee Island’s win is for their collaboration with the Essex Pelee Island Coast (EPIC) Wine Growers Association in celebrating 150 years of Canadian winemaking, which included a museum exhibit showcasing the evolution of the region’s wine industry, a public lecture, wine tasting, and a limited release wine collection produced by 10 participating EPIC wineries.

“The wine region in Windsor Essex continues to flourish and grow, and partnering to showcase where the wine region started and to how abundant the region is now, was very important to us” said Gordon Orr, CEO of Tourism Windsor Essex. “Winning this award further acknowledges our steadfast partnership with EPIC and accentuates the legacy for ‘taste of place’ we have here in our own backyard.”

Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island also nominated Ms. Pilon for the “Digital Influencer of the Year,” underscoring the significant impact she has had on peers, the industry, and the Windsor Essex community as a whole.  She has been a catalyst in increasing collaboration, tech talent, economic diversity, and positivity through the region and beyond.

“The Windsor Essex region is blessed with great visionaries, and through these awards, we are able to shine on a provincial level.  Yvonne is a champion for our area and an ambassador in creating a pride within our communities,” Gordon Orr, CEO of Tourism Windsor Essex noted.  “From a tourism standpoint, her accomplishments have been essential in fostering a ‘sense of place’ for visitors and residents alike, while assisting in the development of an authentic destination.”

“I am grateful for all the support that has been provided by the entire team at Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island including supporting my nomination and their ongoing efforts to bolster the image and economy of the region.” Said Yvonne Pilon, CEO of WEtech Alliance “Social media is one of today’s most powerful toolkits for economic development and tourism marketing. It’s truly amazing to see the impact that one simple social media post can have on a new and existing businesses or entrepreneur. The #YQG hashtag, which Tourism Windsor Essex has embraced whole-heartedly, is being used in hundreds of social media posts, reaching over half a million unique accounts and nearly 1 million impressions every single day! The posts cover topics from tourism, to businesses development, to family fun & events – a truly regional hashtag!”


Media Contacts:

Gordon Orr, Chief Executive Officer
Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island
519.253.3616 ext. 4334
[email protected]

Yvonne Pilon, President & CEO
WEtech Alliance
[email protected]


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