Tourism Windsor Essex Launches CROSSROADS Historical Guide

New Digital Pass Allows Users To Connect The Past and Present Through A Self-Guided Experience Of Local Historical Attractions

WINDSOR, ON โ€“ Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island is excited to inspire and innovate the way locals and visitors alike discover historical attractions and how Windsor Essex Pelee Island has played a crucial part in Canadaโ€™s history with the CROSSROADS Historical Guide, a digital pass connecting users with 50+ present day historical points of interest in Windsor, Essex County and Pelee Island.

โ€œTo understand our regionโ€™s diverse and unique culture of today, we need to connect with the past to learn more about what and who shaped itโ€ said Gordon Orr, CEO of Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island. โ€œThe CROSSROADS Historical Guide highlights attractions that will help tell the story of the events which sparked change and progress and the legacy left by pioneers, trailblazing innovators, collaborators, and heroic leaders, who, to this day, have inspired us and all of our communities.โ€

Available now at, users can register for the free pass, a hand held guide easily accessible through your smartphone to guide you to the 50+ highlighted destinations with historical importance to the region.

Whether by car, bike or foot, CROSSROADS will provide insights into the hallowed grounds of Windsor Essex while connecting users with current tours, activities, programming, events, and additional attractions and entertainment options adjacent to the attractions. Selected locations in the pass also feature unique facts, photos, and augmented video elements showcasing the past and present of each location.

Categories of attractions in the guide are all encompassing, and help tell the rich history that we have played in Canadian history, including:

  • Agriculture & French History including the Benoit House and Sandwich Windmill
  • Automotive including the Canadian Aviation Museum and Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village
  • Black History including Amherstburg Freedom Museum and John Freeman Walls Historical Site
  • Indigenous including Chimczuk Museum and Point Pelee National Park
  • Prohibition including the Canadian Club Brand Centre and Cooper Court Motel
  • The War of 1812 including Fort Malden National Historic Site and Maidstone Bicentennial Museum

Users will also have the opportunity to check in as they explore each attraction to earn points towards future contests, giveaway swag and more. You can register today at, and with a fully mobile-optimized format, no downloading is required to participate.

Locations featured on the pass were selected with the assistance from local experts and from members of our Regional Tourism Committee representing all local municipalities, highlighting locations that have historically significance and vanished settlements. Additional locations will be featured on the pass as the program continues to expand.

You can view a copy of the official virtual announcement of the CROSSROADS Historical Guide by clicking here.


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