The Rum Runners Tour

If you think you know the story of prohibition, think again…

Step back in time and witness the epic battle between law and disorder during the Roaring Twenties! Enjoy this four-hour event where you’ll rub shoulders with costumed characters who’ll take you on a wild ride filled with drama, comedy, and live music.

A 2-hour bus tour through historical locations in Windsor will leave you in awe. And then enjoy a delicious hot meal at a re-enacted Speakeasy with a 2-hour show performance that’s sure to knock your socks off.

This is one adventure you won’t want to miss!

Book your tour today by phone at 1-844-4WE-TOUR or visit the website.

Telephone: (844) 493-8687

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Any plans for your Friday night? Make your way through our Barrels Bottles and Brews Trail, the perfect combination of adventure and craft beer! 🍻 Our self-guided tour will guide you through our craft breweries and distilleries including @sandwichbrewing #YQG #WindsorEssex #DiscoverON #DiscoverYQG #DiscoverCanada #OntSouthwest #BarrelsTrail


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Sizzle up your summer with these five incredible patios! Check out and click the β€˜Patio and Al Fresco Dining’ tab for different ways to enjoy a delicious meal or drink while appreciating the summer heat. Gather your friends or family and unwind under the open sky!

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Explore Windsor`s unique museum without walls! Embrace the arts when you stop by the Sculpture Park! The park showcases artistry from world renowned artists. Check it out for FREE! 🎨 #YQG #WindsorEssex #DiscoverON #DiscoverYQG #DiscoverCanada #OntSouthwest ...

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