This species often associates with Sanderling, so take a look along any beach in Essex County in spring and fall and you may also find a Ruddy Turnstone.  They are often spotted on the tip of  Point Pelee National Park, Fish Point and Hillman Marsh Conservation Area (in the shorebird cell) and sometimes on rock breakwalls, like the one found at Wheatley Harbour.

A stocky, brightly patterned shorebird, the Ruddy Turnstone can be seen actively pecking, probing, and flipping over stones along rocky shores.

Adult Description
Stocky, medium-sized shorebird.
Short, dark bill fairly thick with a slight upturn.
Short, orange legs.
Black-and-white (or gray) clown-like pattern on face.
Bold white-and-dark wing pattern visible in flight.
White lower back.
White tail with black terminal band.
Bright reddish sides in breeding plumage.

Immature Description
Resembles winter adult, but slightly more brownish overall with paler head.

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