Darryn Walls

Darryn Walls is an African Canadian classical pianist from Windsor, Ontario. Darryn was born into a musical family. Her grandmother, Charlotte Watkins, was an opera singer who attended the Julliard School in New York City and a pianist who devoted much of her life to performing across Canada and the United States. From the ages of eight to 16, Darryn took piano lessons from her grandmother and studied for her Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exams under grandmother’s instruction. Darryn attended the piano program at Walkerville Collegiate Institute for one year and then attained her Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Windsor but Darryn could not shake her desire to continue her music education. After a few years of playing and studying casually under various teachers, Darryn decided to pursue a second degree in Piano Performance from the University of Windsor in the studio of Dr. Philip Adamson. This spring she will be taking her level 10 RCM exam and then will pursue the Associates Diploma (ARCT) for piano performance, her final certificate.

Darryn has been teaching piano lessons at Jessie’s Makin’ Music in LaSalle, Ontario for the last four years. Darryn aspires to continue teaching, learning, performing and showing people that look like her, there is a place for BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of colour) in the world of classical music.


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