Tourism Windsor Essex Launches Eclipse Guide

Digital Guide Allows Users To Explore The Region and Experience The Celestial Event

WINDSOR, ON – Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island is excited to profile the 2024 Eclipse Guide at – a one stop shop to assist locals and visitors alike to experience the Monday April 8th solar eclipse, in addition to tips on how to experience the eclipse as recommended by the Province of Ontario. The guide to date has already seen over 15,000 visitors interested in experiencing the eclipse in our region.

Large portions of Essex County will be in the path of totality during the solar eclipse on Monday April 8th, 2024. The partial phase should start at approximately 1:58pm and end at 4:28pm. Totality should take place 3:12pm to 3:15pm across the region.

β€œBased on the engagement of our Solar Eclipse Guide to date, we anticipate a strong influx of visitors as well as locals to experience our region through a different lens on Monday April 8” said Gordon Orr, CEO of Tourism Windsor Essex. β€œBeing in the path of totality has given our region a unique positioning that other areas cannot share. We know some areas of the province are witnessing high occupancy levels, so we encourage you to book hotel rooms in Windsor Essex while you still can. Make a night of it for this once-in-a-lifetime event! You can see a list of those accommodation partners near the path of totality in our Eclipse Guide today.”

The path of totality is a narrow corridor approximately 100 to 115 km wide where the Sun appears to be completely covered by the Moon for a short period of time (between 2 and 3 minutes). This is the most spectacular part of the eclipse, as those who are lucky enough to be in this corridor are able to see the Sun’s corona, the chromosphere, prominences and streamers. Visitors will travel to our area to witness this event.

Several locations across the region, specifically along County Road 50 in Essex County which is the closest to the path of totality, are hosting limited capacity events on Eclipse Day. Highlights include wine tastings, overnight experiences, tours, hikes and more. You can view events at

How To Experience The Eclipse:

Looking directly at the Sun, without appropriate protection, can lead to serious problems such as partial or complete loss of eyesight. During any solar eclipse, it is imperative to wear special glasses with filters designed for eclipse watching (ISO 12312-2 international standard) to prevent eye damage. Regular sunglasses will not protect your eyes sufficiently. A few tips for you include:

A few highlighted details include:

  • While driving, avoiding looking at the eclipse and keep your eyes on the road.
  • Follow local directives and road signage as you travel on April 8th and stay updated on road conditions atΒΒ Expect increased traffic, especially along the Lake Erie North Shore and Route 50.
  • If travelling to view the eclipse, we encourage booking accommodations EARLY, especially if planning to stay along the Lake Erie North Shore.
  • It is not safe to look at the sun without eye protection. Make sure you are using ISO 12312-1 international standard glasses.
  • If appropriate eye protection is not available, viewing strategies including an eclipse box or a live stream.

Click here for safety guidelines provided by the Province of Ontario.


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