Experience: Anchor Coffee Brewing Class

This two hour class will go over the science of brewing the perfect cup of coffee and explain the process of roasting, grinding, brewing and tasting. You will experience and taste the difference between a poorly extracted cup and a perfectly balanced cup. We will go over the different brew methods (Chemex, V60 and French press) and teach you how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home. We will also go over the different regions of coffee and tasting notes typical to that region. Each person will leave with their choice of bag of coffee. Class is limited to 12 people to insure a hands-on experience.

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While the water may not be warm enough to swim in, a walk on the beach provides some gorgeous views and some mental relaxation. 🏖️ Visit our website to learn about the beaches in the area. #YQG #WindsorEssex #DiscoverOn #DiscoverCanada #DiscoverYQG #OntSouthwest ...

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#YQG is rich in history, and you can learn all about it by exploring our open air galleries & museums, including Heritage Gardens Park in Essex. ✈️ #WindsorEssex #DiscoverOn #DiscoverCanada #DiscoverYQG #OntSouthwest ...

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Our parks and conservation areas make for great resting spots for the 360+ specis of birds that flock through Windsor Essex each year 🐦Stop into one and learn all about our favourite winged creatures! #WindsorEssex #DiscoverOn #DiscoverCanada #DiscoverYQG #OntSouthwest #YQG ...

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