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Barrels Bottles & Brews 7 Day Flight Log

Explore & pour the craft breweries & distilleries in Windsor Essex.

Your 7 day flight log is $40 and gets you 9 tastings over 7 days (1 week) at the participating locations.

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EPIC Harvest Tasting Pass

EPIC Harvest Tasting Pass is available for purchase October 1st – December 31st. Pass expires December 31st.

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Step out of the present day and enter the past with the CROSSROADS Historical Guide.

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Follow the Flavours

Follow The Flavours in Windsor Essex to a world of new tastes, new sensations and new delights.

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W.E. Heart Local

Enjoy “Farm Fresh” and discover the Windsor Essex bounty of fresh taste!

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Barrels Bottles & Brews Frequent Flyer Membership

Explore & pour the craft breweries & distilleries in Windsor Essex.

Your Frequent Flyer membership gives you a complimentary tasting at all participating locations over one year (365 days) plus a bonus birthday tasting at the location of your choice.

You’ll also receive EXCLUSIVE discounts at each location, plus a monthly newsletter with info, details & giveaways!

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EPIC Wine Country Tasting Pass

Explore EPIC Wine Country with the EPIC Wine Country Tasting Pass. The digital pass is available for purchase year round and is valid for 6 months after the date of purchase. Pass expires 30 days after first redemption.

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Eat Drink Dine Kingsville

Experience farm-to-table menus, award-winning wines, and food-focused craft breweries in Kingsville, Ontario.

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