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Paczki Day Guide 2023

Tuesday, February 21 to Wednesday, February 22

Paczki Day (also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday) is almost here and we’ve got your Guide to getting your hands on these delicious traditional Polish doughnuts. Available with decadent fillings ranging from lemon and strawberry to nutella and custard and liberally coated with powdered sugar or icing, the “best doughnuts in the world” are incredibly rich and each packs a hefty punch, clocking in at an average of 500-700 calories! And yes, these once-a-year treats are worth every calorie. Held every year on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, paczkis were designed to use up a household’s supply of lard, sugar, and eggs in preparation for the Lenten fasting season. Stop by one of these locations to pick up some fabulous paczki before giving them up for Lent!

Blak’s Bakery

Pickup: Available for pick up February 16th – 21st

Orders will be taken in store or by phone only. Confirmation numbers will be given to each order. This year’s flavours are: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Custard, Lemon, Plum, Spiced Apple and Nutella/Custard. Paczkis will be sold in either dozens or 1/2 dozens

519.253.4344, www.blaksbakery.com
1022 Langlois Ave., Windsor

Craft Heads Brewery & Blaks Bakery

Craft Head’s unique collaboration with Blak’s Bakery is back and ready for pre-order! The brew will feature Blak’s Bakery Paczki’s in the mash (brewing process) and for good measure, we’ll age it on various Blak’s Bakery Paczki fillings! We’re excited to release some exciting flavours along with the traditional ones you loved from last year. These packs are limited so they will be available for pre-order now and for pick-up/delivery on Feb. 21st.

226.246.3925, www.craftheads.ca
89 University Ave W, Windsor

European Market – Tecumseh

Pickup: Available for pick up February 16th -21st

Orders will be taken in store or by phone only. Store will open at 6AM on February 21st. Flavours include plum, raspberry, strawberry, rose, & custard. Dozen for $22, half dozen for $11, & $1.99 each.

519.915.4466, Facebook: European Market Tecumseh
6415 Tecumseh Rd. E., Windsor

Demarco’s Fine Foods

Pickup: Available for pick up February 21st

Order by phone. Flavours include custard, raspberry, plum, lemon, apple, whipped cream, & strawberry. $16.99 for a half-dozen & $25.99 for a dozen.

519.969.7887, www.demarcosfinefoods.com
349 Grand Marais Rd W, Windsor

The Farm House Market

Pickup: Available for pick up February 19th, 11AM-3PM

Orders to be filled out on website. Flavours include Strawberry, Raspberry, Custard, Lemon, Blueberry, Spiced Apple, Plum, and Nutella. Paczki Boxes of 6 will be available for $14.95 each box. ONLY ONE flavour per box. Your order must be in TUESDAY FEBRUARY 14th by 11:59pm.

519.991.5805, Fill Out Order Form Here
7601 Middle Side Rd., McGregor,

Healthy Creations

Pickup: Pre-order online for pickup

Vegan options include cherry, fudge, blueberry, & apple. Non-vegan options include custard and lemon.

519.250.4272, Facebook: HealthyCreationsInc
Storefront: 333 Dougall Square, (SW corner of Dougall and Cabana), Windsor

Lakeside Bakery

Pickup: Available for pick up February 15th -21st

Boxes are pre-made assorted 6-packs and dozens. There is a 3 dozen minimum if you wish to customize boxes. Flavours include lemon, custard, raspberry, plum, apple, strawberry, & whipped cream

519.326.2626, Facebook: Lakeside Bakery
286 Erie St S, Leamington

Mancini’s Italia Bakery

Pickup: Available for pick up February 21st

Orders must be made by Friday, February 17th. Original flavours include lemon, Bavarian custard, and strawberry. Specialty flavours include nutella, ricotta, and tiramisu! Originals cost $14.00 for half-dozen | $25.00 for a dozen. Specialty’s cost $16.00 for half-dozen | $30.00 for a dozn

519.255.7263, www.italiawindsor.com
571 Erie St E, Windsor

Nana’s Bakery

Pickup: Available for pick up February 21st @ 6AM

Features 6 unique flavours. For more information, please contact the Bakery.

519.966.2434, www.nanas-bakery.com
2936 Dominion Blvd, Windsor

Pastry place

February 20th – 21st. No pickup. First come first served.

Pick up and assorted pack or choose between one of the many flavours including, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, custard, lemon, chocolate, prune, and apple.

519.915.9939, www.pastryplace.ca
3392 Dougall Ave, Windsor

Plant joy

Pickup: Call for information regarding pre-ordering and pick-up times

This year, Plant Joy brings back 7 vegan flavours; raspberry, lemon, custard, whipped cream, salted caramel espresso, chocolate whipped cream, and birthday cake.

226.246.7196, www.plantjoy.com
2936 Dominion Blvd, Windsor

Stiemar Bakery

Pickup: Available for pick up Monday (February 20th) and Tuesday (February 21st)

There is no pre-order. This year is first come, first serve while quantities last. Flavours include apple, cherry, blueberry, lemon, raspberry, chocolate, and prune.

519.966.1625, www.stiemar.com
2640 Ouellette Ave., Windsor

sugar spoon bakeshop

Pickup: Available for pick up Tuesday February 21st only from 8AM-6PM

As per usual, we will be selling the incredibly delicious paczki from @lakesidebakerydelicafe! We will be open with special hours on Tuesday and flavours will be: custard, raspberry, apple, lemon and strawberry. $2.75 each or $30/dozen.

519.956.8484, www.sugarspoonbakeshop.com.
3131 Forest Glade Dr., Windsor

Sweet revenge bake shop

Pickup: Available for pick up Tuesday February 21st only from 11AM-3PM

Traditional pack includes raspberry, lemon, strawberry rhubarb, and blueberry. Our fun pack includes dunkaroo, Boston cream, chocolate custard oreo, and strawberry cheesecake.

519.946.0559, www.sweetrevengebakeshop.com.
400 Erie St. E., Windsor


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