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Couple enjoying a glass of wine

The story begins...deep in the rich earth of this great region, nourishing the delicate fruit of our vineyards. From the sun-warmed fields of the southernmost shore of Canada, the carefully nurtured vines surrender their precious vintages. Today our region boasts 18 wineries, with more expected to open in the near future. Situated at the same latitude as some of Europe’s finest wine regions, the Lake Erie North Shore Region benefits from its proximity to Lake Erie which offers a unique maritime climate in a continental region. Grape growers in the Lake Erie North Shore and Pelee Island designated viticulture areas grow some of the world’s finest vinifera and French hybrid wine grapes. The region is a winemaker’s paradise blessed with exceptional soil conditions and a regional climate which offers longer sun hours than any other area in Canada. As Canada’s most southern point, we are fortunate to have a climate well suited for lush farmlands, giving us one of the most agriculturally productive counties in the country. Essex County gives you the opportunity to experience our local flavor. Enjoy fresh-picked fruits and vegetables along with an abundance of fresh flowers – all grown locally. Amongst the sparkling waters and fertile soils of Essex County farmers harvest a complete basket of wholesome, delicious food from every letter of the alphabet. Deep reds, crisp whites, delicate ice wines – at any one of our many wineries the swirl of the glass sets your story in motion – here in Windsor Essex Pelee Island.


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