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The story begins... in a bygone era where the ghosts of freedomseeking slaves mingle with the rum-runners of prohibition days and the storied heroes of the great wars. Turn the pages through time as you follow in the footsteps of the Underground Railroad and touch the carved names of the lost heroes. Our region is steeped in hundreds of years of history that encompasses everything from the heroic to the tragic, from world-changing events to grassroots heritage. From this small corner of Canada, we have participated in the creation of the automobile, the War of 1812, both World Wars and the freedom revolution that abolished slavery. Our heritage is a myriad sampling of French Canada, Eastern Europe, Asia and the entire world. The Windsor Essex Pelee Island region
has been a stop on the Underground Railroad, the home front of the storied Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment, the birthplace of Canadian Club and a witness to the formation of the modern-day labour movement. We welcome you to celebrate our yesteryears with us – occasionally tumultuous, frequently inspiring and always fascinating. As the mist rolls back on our rich history it sets your story in motion, here in Windsor Essex Pelee Island.